A Handshake is Worth a Thousand “Friends.”

I want to start off by saying that I really do enjoy and respect the Social Media 2.0 movement. Social Media is playing an ever-increasing role in marketing our company’s services, getting in touch with old friends and meeting new ones.

LinkedIn, twitter and facebook are sites that provide tremendous value both to my company and to myself.

There have been multiple instances where I’ve shared job search information with friends in need of employment, found on twitter. I’ve learned more about particular subjects and interacted with great people via LinkedIn. I’ve also found about upcoming events that fulfill my devotion to continuous learning on LinkedIn and facebook.

I’ve met some wonderful people in the Atlanta area due to face-to-face meetings promoted by LinkedIn Groups, such as members of Atlanta Marketer’s Forum. I’ve also kept up with my upcoming high school reunion (even though I could not attend due to a schedule conflict), and have caught economic headlines and words of wisdom via useful tweets.

That’s great isn’t it? Well, sort of…..

This blog has two points:

1. Are we really the person that we “say” we are? Are we really the same person in the flesh, or do we model the Brad Paisley song titled, “Online” where the first stanza is as follows?:

I work down at The Pizza Pit And I drive an old Hyundai I still live with my mom and dad I’m five foot three and overweight I’m a sci: fi fanatic, mild asthmatic Never been to second base But there’s a whole ‘nother me That you need to see Go check out Myspace.

A vast majority of the people that I’ve met through Social Media sites are outstanding people that are interesting, have compelling stories and are exactly who they claim to be.

Unfortunately, in the current worldwide economy there are people who will profess to be anyone they think you would want them to be. I’ve come across many “visionaries” and “experts” that turn out to be simply pretty good writers.

2. Have you shaken the hand of a business prospect lately, hugged a friend, or checked in with a colleague to see how their son’s team fared in the baseball tournament? Have you taken some time to attend a meeting in your area that pertains to your industry or interests? When was the last time you called a customer on the phone to see how your company is serving their needs?

I fear that sometimes many of us are using Social Media 2.0 tools in place of face-to-face interactions, or phone calls.

Why not use Social Media to supplement instead of substitute?

“Point and Click” should be used to compliment, “Reach out and touch someone.”

Even the person that meets their future spouse online gets to say, “I do” in person.

Get in the game and stay engaged.

How ironic that I should voice this type of opinion on a blog, of all things? If you want to talk about it, give me a call.

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