“So, Who Do You Work For?”

We’ve all come across this scenario literally hundreds or thousands of times with only a change in the setting. Perhaps it occurs at a dinner party, your place of worship, or a rock concert. It may have happened in the grocery line, at your child’s school, or in an elevator.

While there are variations to the dialogue in this scenario, the paraphrase for the initial question is the same – “So, who do you work for?”

Over the last couple of years, I’ve witnessed an increase in awkward moments as the recipient (let’s call him “John Doe”) may offer a long pause followed by the revelation that the he is without a job and looking for a new career on the horizon.  My eyes are also fixed firmly on the horizon.

My personal advice to anyone who views the scenario I’ve described as awkward, is as follows:

Hold your head high and promote the most important company that you can promote – YOU, INC.

YOU, INC. is in the solutions business and is focused on providing value to its customer (the employer). Known as being proactive, positive and well tested in providing solid solutions, YOU, INC. has enjoyed a rich history of excellence and can be depended on now and in the future to inspire and propel its customers to the next level.

I’ve always believed firmly in promoting my personal brand along with the company that I’ve represented. By doing so, quality by association was reinforced for both the organizations that I’ve served, as well as for myself.

Your brand, communicated with strength, will always serves you well.

So, if you haven’t done so already, get in the game and be prepared to tell your story with confidence.

We find ourselves in challenging times. Once we’re able to see the challenges in the rear view mirror we’ll be much stronger for it. You, your brand and your future customers will benefit from the endurance test.

So, who do you work for again?

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  1. sudershan banerjee says:


    Interesting comments.

    You have said it right, most people just work in a company, while the smart ones keep building market equity and self brand value while being employed, so that at a later stage, companies look for such people to add lustre to them and pay astounding amounts.


  2. I work for ME…I always have. Whether working in a corporate job or self-employed, I always worked for me!

    Most people are busy working for other people…success comes to those people that understand the difference.

    Cape Diem!

  3. Barry Weber says:

    Well Written. Excellent article for Seniors too. Seniors must promote our experience and contributions…We see through the eyes of the past and understand the future. Ever notice how Seniors like to do business with Seniors? It’s really something to think about.

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