Life’s Lessons From the Field

Last night we almost witnessed a perfectly pitched game for the twenty-first time in history. So close…. Or was it? Everyone who saw footage of the game knows that a perfect game was thrown by Armando Galarraga, against the Cleveland Indians. While it will not show up in the record books, we all know that it happened. Galarraga’s team, the Detroit Tigers, won the game 3-0.

A memorable event certainly took place on the field.

It isn’t the lost opportunity of a perfect game that I talked with my son about – although we did watch the MLB highlights. We used the incident as a lesson about life itself.Father and Son Moments

After the game, Umpire Jim Joyce took responsibility for the missed call. He admitted that his call was not correct.

Armando Galarraga, while understandably disappointed, accepted the umpire’s apology with grace.

As the lineup cards were exchanged in this afternoon’s game at Comerica Park, Armando Galarraga delivered the Tiger’s lineup card to Home Plate Umpire Jim Joyce. One day removed from the incident and both gentlemen once again were providing a moment of which I could talk with my son.John's Swing

I’ve often encouraged my son to play hard, play fair and accept responsibility on and off of the playing field. The last few days served as great examples of how to live life.

We’ll remember the lost perfect game for what it was. An event that happened on the field, while not reflected in the record books. And of course, a greater moment off the field, that transcended the sport of baseball.

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  1. Great post Jeff. I really believe that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. The umpire and Galaraga could have made things so much worse after the game. But instead the opposite happened. A great lesson.

    Good meeting you last night at the meetup. BTW I also blog at if you get a chance.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Jeff Wolfe says:

    Thanks for steopping by and commenting! I’m really glad that things turned out the way they did after the game, as well.

    I know that there were two other perfect games pitched this year, but I will not remember them as I did the “near” perfect game of last night.

    It was great to meet you last night, as well.

    Your blog contains great information and I enjoyed reading your posts. I’m adding your blog to my blogroll, as you read this…



  3. keith says:

    Very few of us will remember the first 20 perfect games but all should remember this one. Responsibility, dignity, grace. The umpire personally went to Galarraga and admitted man to man that he made a mistake. Galarraga graciously accepted. He will be remembered for these traits for more than Roger Clemens and all his tainted wins and strikeouts. Good luck Galarraga. I am now a great fan.

  4. Jeff Wolfe says:


    Very well said! My son and I will enjoy following his career, as well!



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