Battling the Monsters.

As I write this post, it is Halloween morning. While the weather is definitely nasty outside, both of my children are filled with a sense of excitement as they think about wearing their costumes tonight. My son is dressing up as Darth Vadar and my daughter is dressing up as me. This should be interesting…

As Halloween approaches, many of us dig back into movie collections to watch some of the scary classics. There are typically some predictable elements to these movies – we can tell when the monsters are about to appear with changes in the background music and the monsters are typically impossible to destroy (until the very end of the movie).

We always tell our children that monsters are pretend. And they are, well sort of……

Haven’t we all had monsters and demons to battle throughout our lives to various degrees? These monsters have approached us in disguises, but can be identified as fears, poor habits and addictions once their disguises are removed. Just as in the movies, we are not able to destroy them right away – they keep coming back to us again, at all of the right times. The difficult thing about these monsters is that we don’t always hear the changes in background music, so it’s sometimes hard to know when they are about to pounce upon us.

And of course, these monsters must be slain before a happy conclusion can be reached and the final credits can roll – just as in the movies.

I’ve battled monsters many times in my life and continue to do so today.

Let me tell you about one of the monsters that I have overcome….

Back when I was in high school and my freshman year in college, I can remember being painfully shy – to the point where I didn’t like to ask a question in class even if my grade depended on it. This was definitely a fear that needed to be overcome, for the sake of my grades and overall happiness!

While I was not able to conquer this fear in high school, I did not give up. In fact, during my freshman year of college I made it a point to ask one question during a class each day (if I had a question). I didn’t have to ask it in the same class, but I did have to overcome my shyness one time each day. This was not an easy process for me!

And then, just as in the movies, there is a pivotal moment when battling the beast! One day, a classmate that I didn’t know came up to me after class and told me that she was glad I had asked my question in class. It turns out that she and a few others in class had the same question, but were not sure how to ask it. Further evidence that if we reach out to others, as the unknown classmate did with me, we may provide an impact to others that we never actually know about!

As time passed, my shyness diminished and confidence grew. That particular monster had been slain!

As we head into 2010, are there some fears, poor habits or addictions that you would like to remove from your life? Surely we all have something that may be getting in the way of personal happiness or achievement. Incidentally, if your answer is yes, then I’m right there with you.

Why not begin the upcoming year with a little less weight on our shoulders and a lot more satisfaction? The time to formulate your plan is now, because just as in the movies, monsters and demons take some time and persistence to overcome.

The time to take off our masks, put on our gloves and battle the “monsters of life” could not have come at a better time – right now!

Here’s to the battle – and to victory!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeff,

    Very good article to remind us about the impending end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. It is indeed a great opportunity to take the time to reflect on our lives and decide which “monsters” we would like to live 2010 without.

  2. Tammy Martel says:

    Loved this Blog!! I would also love to see your daughter dressed as you!

    My Monster is procrastination but I am reading the “4 Hour work week” and “Getting things Done”… well… let’s put it this way- I have the books but keep putting off reading them. (ha ha!)

  3. Jeff Wolfe says:

    Tammy, I’m battling the same monster! Please let me know what you think of the book when you’re done.

    FYI, I’ll e-mail you a couple of pictures!

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