That Perfect Gift

We all have people in our lives that are just difficult to find a gift for. It may be a co-worker, an uncle, a cousin that we see a couple of times a year, or a parent that we’re trying to surprise with that perfect gift. We listen to them intently prior to “Black Friday,” trying to glean out some information that may be hidden in a conversation. There are other times when we simply ask for a “wish list.”

I know the perfect gifts for everyone – those who are semi-strangers, as well as those very close to us, in 2009.

I have a few suggestions that will fit every situation and are offered at a very attractive price point. In fact, the price and perfection of these gifts is such that they should be given freely!

The gifts I speak of are patience, attention and love.

These gifts are perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa! In fact, these gifts will be perfect for six months from next Thursday and every day before and after!

Many people are entering the home stretch of 2009 with heavy burdens and heavy hearts. A tough economy has caused many people to face situations that they would never dream of in years past. I know several very talented people who are unemployed at this time – people that have given much to their companies. I also know many proud people who feel a sense of frustration, as they have always been in a position to give and never to receive. I too will soon be feeling the effects of this soft economy, as I face unemployment for the first time in my life – exactly one week before Christmas.

The purpose of my post is not to state the obvious about a year filled with challenges. There are plenty of sources for finding 2009 recaps and stories of people facing difficult situations.

This blog post is to serve as a reminder that the giver is often the receiver. When we give hope to others, we too feel its benefits. And, of course, we make the world a better place along the way – one relationship at a time.

So, I challenge everyone to take a deep breath and battle the old habits of impatience, neglect and distraction that we all see in the workplace, our neighborhoods and roads (especially around the shopping malls).

Let’s conquer those habits with strong doses of patience, attention and love.

By doing so, we make those around us stronger, as well as ourselves, as we enter into 2010.

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  1. Jahiro Quiros says:


    I am sure, if this World would have people like you with the marvelous words for many colleagues like me that are looking the new challenge, the things could be different.

    For sure the opportunities will come, if each of us will have the necessary faith, self steam, experience and commitment to add value to the Organization should search a great talent out there.

    Do not lost the enthusiasm, the Jeff words in his Blog are really motivating.


  2. Jeff Wolfe says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Jahiro. It sounds like you have all of the attributes necessary to bring an organization to the next level. I’m pulling for you and wish you the very best!

  3. Eli says:

    Great post and good luck, I myself experienced this a few months back. Remember when one door closes a whole new realm of possibilities emerges. We are not defined by what we do but by who we are.

  4. Jeff Wolfe says:

    Eli, thank you for your kind words. Your outlook is dead on! I believe that you must have provided the perfect gift many times to others.

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