Still Wearing Your Green?

Pot of GoldDid you remember to wear something green yesterday?

I was tickled when my daughter told me one of the morning announcements at school yesterday was that the students couldn’t pinch others who weren’t wearing green. When I was in school, receiving the pinch was almost a “badge of honor” to this Irish kid, as I was being recognized from standing out from the crowd.

Are you still wearing green today? We’re all wearing a little green these days. By that, I’m referring to the fact that many of us are “greenhorns” in today’s ever-changing environment. Changes in the economy. Changes in the workplace. Changes in required skill sets.

We’re “green” in the sense that many of us are newcomers in new ways of doing business, or in a new industry. Or perhaps it’s just time to “sharpen the saw,” as Dr. Stephen R. Covey notes as the seventh habit in his classic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

In today’s information age, there is no reason why we cannot convert the car into “Automobile University.” I picked this term up from listening to a Zig Ziglar podcast, in heavy Atlanta traffic.

There are so many podcasts out there, so many Internet sites, so many Audio Books – so many resources at our fingertips!

As the old Irish saying goes, “There are fish in the sea better than have ever been caught.”

Each day serves as a valuable opportunity to ditch some of the “green” for as we do, we get much closer to the “pot of gold” mentioned in Irish lore!

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  1. Keith Kazanjian says:

    The only “good” that will come from this economy is that we will all have to live with less credit. Cash will be king. This will put a dent into retail sales. Durable goods should still have some financing available. As Americans, we have lived beyond our means and most of us understand that fact. All of us except Washington, D.C.

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