Engagement Makes Our World Smaller

Photo of Earth, Courtesy of NASAA few weeks ago I was talking with a business colleague of mine and during the course of our discussion she asked me if I knew of a good Resume (CV) Writing Service that she could recommend to a friend. Since my colleague isn’t remotely interested in finding a new career, she didn’t have any advice handy for her friend.

And while I don’t personally know the friend, I know intimately well what it is like to be engaged in a career search and am always willing to help.

Later that day, I helped my colleague post a question on LinkedIn and sent out a tweet, asking for assistance. By the end of the week, we received a total of eighteen suggestions (fourteen from LinkedIn and four from Twitter). Of the responses that we received, I only knew one of the respondents enough to have spoken with him on the phone before.

Responses come down to one thing – engagement.

It isn’t possible to receive answers to your questions without asking. And it doesn’t make sense to only ask the people that you know well.

By putting your questions out there, you’re always guaranteed to receive a response. And by paying it forward with some information, you may be creating a long-lasting relationship with someone that you never knew before.
While I live in Atlanta, I am not interested in connecting with just the people I know. The world has become much smaller, so I am interested in learning from and engaging with people from all around the globe. I am convinced that I may benefit from and provide benefit to people whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

In today’s global economy, Spain’s unemployment rate, Chinese real estate values and Greek credit-default swaps play a role.

While we can’t control some of the variables that play a key role in our global or national economies, we can play an active role in our own personal economies by staying engaged.

The world is truly a smaller place, when we become engaged in it.

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  1. Jennifer Bibb says:

    It is almost paradoxical to me that the tools that can make the world smaller can also make a person feel more out of touch with others.

    It is so important to remember that while a person can use these tools to connect with others on the other side of the world but it is just as important to try and connect with those around you.

  2. Jeff Wolfe says:


    You are definitely right! While we can reach around the world, we also need to reach around the corner.

    While Social Media is a powerful tool, the first part of the story began with a visit from my business colleage to a friend and a phone conversation that we had.

    Valuable communication tools that are often overlooked!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!


  3. Jeff,

    Well said…very well said. Thank you for your insight.


    1. Jeff Wolfe says:


      Thank you for your kind words. You and I have been fortunate enough to utilize social media, in helping others.


  4. Michelle says:

    Engagement! That’s important. I agree.

    1. Jeff Wolfe says:


      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate your feedback.

      I like the fact that your blog allows others to engage regarding Green Energy and Eco-Friendly issues.

      Keep up your great work!

      Thanks again, for stopping by and leaving your comment.


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