Quality over Quantity Networking

LinkedIn LogoI’m a big believer in networking. In fact, I consider myself to be a LinkedIn Open Networker (LION) – sort of…

There are many times when I catch myself chuckling when I read what other open networkers tout in their open invitations – 22k contacts, 10k contacts, will reply to a request to connect within 24 hours. Who truly has time for that kind of commitment, when we’re busy trying to get things done?

Even though I consider myself to be an open networker, with substantially fewer connections, my philosophy is very different.

When I connect with someone, I am interested in two way interaction. I want to hear what you have to say. I want to read your status reports and gain your perspective on a variety of topics.

I want to work with you to uncover opportunities, find employment, increase sales, or help you solve a business problem.

I want to check in on you to see how you are doing and offer a positive word when you need to hear it.

I’m interested in learning how we may do business together and provide value to clients.

Since I’m interested in the quality of each connection, I don’t accept each invitation. If I think that you’ll bombard me with MLM information, we will not connect.

If I constantly see you promoting yourself with endless one line messages about the merit of your company, or how you have saved the world with your “visionary” perspective, we may not stay connected for long.

I’m interested in real ideas. Real interaction.

So if you’re interested in connecting on LinkedIn, let’s do so. I want to hear what you have to say and determine how we may move out from behind our keyboards to interact, get things done and create a few opportunities along the way.

If we’re too busy accepting invitations within a 24 hour period, it doesn’t do either of us any good.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Todd Schnick says:

    too many in LinkedIn are using the platform as yet another broadcasting medium… very frustrating…

  2. Jeff Wolfe says:

    You are absolutely right! Thanks for stopping by, Todd.

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