The Memorable Victories

John's Championship GameWe rarely remember the easy victories. The four-game World Series sweeps in life… The blowouts that occur with little resistance…

We rarely forget the victories that come about from battling adversity. The victories that defy all reason and baffle the “experts”…

In life, as in sport, giving extra in order to overcome is something we rarely forget and always respect.

Sports serves to remind us, during the times we take time to “unplug” from our personal contests in resiliency, of the merits of never giving up and always “fighting the good fight.”

Whether we’re watching the unlikely St. Louis Cardinals celebrating a championship in 2011, or the local recreational league baseball team battling back from a large deficit to move on to the next round, we tip our hats in respect and admiration.

It is because we value the “hustle” shown by of running down the baseline – even before that bat hits the ground, and the focus of hitting the best pitch a pitcher can deliver on the 3-2 count, that we find ourselves talking about it the next day.

And it is the very same traits we see on the field of play that we see in our everyday lives. The people who don’t give in to adversity and don’t listen to what life’s odds makers have to say.

Here’s to the memorable victories that we never seem to forget – both on and off the field.

Determination requires focus.

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