Scrap the Resolutions and Keep the Resolve

Statue of Phoenix Rising Above the Ashes, in Downtown Atlanta.I haven’t believed in New Year’s Resolutions for a long time. Like the holiday egg nog, they seem to lack the proper shelf life and they tend to disappoint us when we come up short. Let’s face it, how often does a formal resolution fall flat sometime during the second or third week of January?

Being a baseball fan, I have one single New Year’s Resolution each year: “I will swing for the fences and run out every ground ball.”

While my resolution isn’t specific or measurable, it does the trick for me.

Resolve, however, indicates a way of life. It signifies a lifestyle where we refuse to give up and refuse to give in. Resolve signals firmness of purpose of intent.

Resolve lasts well past the second or third week of January.

For me personally, resolve has required me to stick with the things that work and cast aside the things that do not – in a surgical manner, and not in a way that throws away the proverbial “baby with the bathwater.”

Resolve has caused me to be purposeful in redefining myself and the passionate in the workplace.

I believe that if we aren’t prepared to redefine ourselves, then we are not prepared to grow. I have found this to be particularly important during the past few years.

Resolve has helped me to remain resolute in my faith, when things don’t always seem to make sense.

Resolve has caused me to “sharpen the saw” and try out new hobbies.

Resolve has caused me to keep things in perspective, as I solve opportunities throughout the year.

So, here is to a year filled with resolve and without the senseless resolutions that will be gone well before the spring.

May the upcoming year contain the proper amount of risk and the right amount of reward for you.
 Happy New Year!

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    Thank you for stopping by and reading this post!

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