That One Thing

Magnifying Glass ImageThere are times when, regardless of the industry we are in, competition seems pretty stiff. We sometimes find ourselves in functions and situations where we are surrounded by people who do the very same thing we do for a living.

Or do we?

There is that one thing that sets you and I apart from our competition.

I would suggest that one thing is powerful enough to make a critical difference for us, and in many ways already has.

Maybe it is expertise in a certain area of knowledge in your industry, or perhaps it is an extraordinary sense of dedication to your customers. Maybe it is something that can be easily measured, or it is too difficult to measure and falls under the category of “intangibles.” Either way, it isn’t something that can be faked.

I’m not able to tell you what that one thing is for you. Only you can determine what it is for yourself.

There is something that you do much better than the rest. Take the time to determine what it is!

You may have to go the extra mile to identify what it is. You may even have to ask some of your customers why they have decided to go with your services, over the services your competition offers.

And once you have determined what it is, use that one thing in your overall strategy.

Capitalize on it! Strengthen it! Use it to your advantage to provide service to your customers and to others in your industry.

If you are fortunate enough to determine what that one thing is that sets you apart from the rest, you will find yourself feeling even more confident and furthering your career – regardless of industry.

Determine what that one thing is for you, and you will realize that you have less competition than you thought.

In fact, there may be times when you collaborate with former “competitors” to provide customers with an even fuller offering of products and services.

Identify that one thing and more success will be sure to follow.

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