Making the Improbable Possible

Dewey Wins!“The candidate I support can’t possibly win, so I’m going with ___ instead.” I’ve heard this too many times to count – maybe even more so in this election cycle.

Self-fulfilling hogwash is what I call it!

If you support a candidate, why not show your support at the ballot box?

If enough people decide to vote their true conscience, then the improbable becomes truly possible!

Besides, what do you have to lose for showing your support for those you support? Sometimes we only get one chance, in the case of a primary election.

Digging a little deeper, how often do we have the same sentiment about so many things in life?

“My idea may not work, so I’ll walk away.”

“I simply don’t have enough capital to get this venture off the ground, so I’ll stop thinking about it.”

“I don’t think my friend will ever change, so I’ll take the easy way out and step away.”

“This marriage will never get better, so it’s time to step away.”

The list goes on and on.

And yet, we enjoy hearing the inspirational stories time and again, of people who bucked the trend and “went against the odds.”

Did they really accomplish the improbable, or did they stop talking themselves out of the possible?

So what do you have to lose?

Cast your vote for the candidate you support, and the self-fulfilling improbable scenario may just become possible.

While you’re standing in line to vote, why not just put a little more though into the idea that “will never work?”

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