Time with my Daughter after her North Georgia Dance & Music Factory Recital.We wear them with pride to support the team. They are the articles of clothing we put on to display our pride!

After years of wearing branded shirts, with company names and manufacturer partners, I’ve been able to fill a closet full of them. As each shirt grows a little tight, or takes up too much room, they make their way to the donation pile – to be used by someone else who may not totally feel the pride of the logo, but will appreciate the new addition to their clothing selection, nonetheless.

Four shirts have been worn in the past year, which will never leave the closet – period. They carry special meaning for me – each is equally important.

The first is my Lions Club shirt. I wear this during meetings, and while serving the community as a tangible sign of our mission – To Serve. The shirt is also significant in the fact that it serves to illustrate the love and appreciation I have for my community.

The second and third are my Scout shirts – both Class A and Class B. I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to serve as a leader of my son’s den and have had the pleasure of doing so since he became a Tiger Cub. These shirts have been washed several times, due to the sweat we have put into scouting.

The final of the four shirts was worn twice, for maybe a total of six hours. It was worn with pride, while I performed some duties that didn’t require a whole lot of skill on my part. Just a few “block and tackle” duties– taking tickets, selling a few tickets, working on crowd control, and even selling a couple of flowers during my daughter’s recitals. The experience culminated nine years of dancing and nine recitals, with more to come.

I’m very proud of my daughter and the young lady she is becoming.

It was an honor to help out with two recital shows, because in doing so I was able to play a part in something that means so much to her, and to our entire family.

So while some shirts don’t stay in the closet for a lifetime, there are others that go way beyond the branding of an organization or an event.

Some shirts have much more meaning and will remain a mainstay, even when space is limited.

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