A Great Nation of Ordinary People

We will take time out this July 4, during our celebrations, to reflect on the birth of our nation.

We’ll remember the birth of our constitution and institutions, created by a group of ordinary men of their day. Today we rightfully view them as brilliant.

Of course, we will recall the battles that have been fought by ordinary, yet brave, men and women – some of whom were trained for duty just prior to entering into battle. Many of our very best Americans never made it back.

And we will remember the ordinary men and women who took care of business at home, during the darkest hours of various wars, sending the necessary supplies needed, while keeping the family together.

We will recall the great inventors who have always given it one more try, never giving up. Their efforts have eradicated disease and made life better for people all around the world. The persistence of these ordinary men and women has inspired us all.

Ordinary People make America Great.We send our children off to school to learn about these Americans. We keep talking with our children about the past, when we catch them in the mood for listening – risking the ever ready “eye roll.”

As could be said during many times in American history, we live in times that are like no other.

Our nation is currently divided philosophically, as to the role of government in our lives and the economic remedies required (or not) to get America’s economic engine rolling again.
Similar in some ways, these times have been tweaked ever so slightly so that the circumstances of today may not be compared completely to the past. For better, or for worse, these are uniquely different times.

However, there is one common thread between these times and the past. It is the ordinary American.

It isn’t hard to find the ordinary American, if we just look.

You will find the ordinary American quietly doing what has to be done to care for the family, while looking out for a neighbor.

Late at night, you may find the ordinary American dreaming the dreams to be put into action. They are creating businesses around the dining room table, which will lead to jobs in the future.

You will find ordinary Americans busily, and sometimes wearily, working hard, and giving back to their communities through service.

May we never forget that the nation’s legacy is our legacy – and may we never forget that success comes through the quiet actions of ordinary Americans.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eugene Judy says:

    Thanks for the reminder my friend. Inspirational!

    1. Jeff Wolfe says:

      Thank you so much, Gene!

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