Going With Gut Feelings

Decisions often have to be made at what often seems like the “speed of light,” during times when the right decision means everything.

We need to go with our “gut feelings” sometimes – Often having to detect something intangible from an interaction.

While we can’t always measure the intangible, the right decisions seem to reveal themselves at the right time.

However, past results don’t guarantee success. Many times the “scorecard” is in the black, while at other times in the red. In each case, fear of failure isn’t an option.

As a business owner during the past several years, I have learned this lesson well — often on the positive side of the ledger.

When I found myself on the negative side of the ledger, I still gained something valuable – experience.

Experience becomes an investment for future success.

DEUTZ Video ShootA few weeks into my new position, heading up marketing for DEUTZ Corporation, I had the ability to draw upon this past experience with an important project – under a very tight deadline.

The mission was to produce several videos for our upcoming Distributor Meeting. No problem there.

The challenge was to get the footage shot and produced in just a few months. It would also require working with OEM partners I had yet to meet. Having done this before, I knew that the process would take five to six months to complete properly.

I had just a couple of months to complete the videos.

Half of the mission would require experience, while the other half would require adaptability.

I knew that regardless of which vendor partner I selected during the RFP process, two attributes would be critical for the company to possess- agility and commitment.

After talking with and receiving information from several qualified vendor partners, I decided to “go with my gut.” I selected a company for the project that was by far the smallest in regard to the number of personnel, and a company that did not have the longevity of others.

I dug down a little deeper, trusting my instincts enough to select Brian Crumb Productions.DEUTZ Video Shoot

It wasn’t as risky as it seemed, given my past experiences. I detected the type of commitment to clients that cannot be faked – the type of commitment I had for my clients when I was in business for myself.

My lack of concern for the agility aspect early on was also to be proven correct, given the fact that we completed the project in time. I approved the fourth and final video on a Sunday afternoon – the day before leaving for our Distributor Meeting.

So the agreement was signed, and off we went.

The three of us set off for shooting testimonials and gathering footage for the montage and testimonials.

DEUTZ Video ShootWe  battled rain and schedule conflicts, making the most of each situation – adapting as needed to get the job done during the course of shooting.

During the editing process, we talked many nights on the phone after 10pm, going over multiple edits. There was even one night when I left the Brian Crumb Production studio after midnight – on a Friday night.

I was very fortunate in this case to have “gone with my gut feelings.”

I was also very fortunate to work for a company that asked for the videos, and then stood back and let me do the job as it needed to be done. I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario, or outcome.

“Going with gut feelings” can be a little risky sometimes, but when the results are even better than anticipated, experience truly becomes an investment.

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