Run Through!

As I upload this post on a beautiful Friday afternoon, I know how many of us are feeling.

Maybe you are watching the clock and saying, “This week is nearly over!”

Not so fast.

If you know me well, chances are you’re expecting a baseball analogy to follow.

first-baseLike all good baseball coaches tell their players, “It is important to run through first base.”

The reason is simple.  When a runner slows up before reaching first base, the chances increase for the base runner to be thrown out at first – most of the time by one step, or less!

I’ve even seen a runner thrown out at first by the right fielder!

Whether a baseball player is in Pre Tee-Ball, Tee-Ball, Minors, Majors, or the Pony League, the same reasoning holds true.

And of course, the farther along a player is in their journey, it becomes even more frustrating for a player to be thrown out by such a small margin.

And yet, as adults, we do the same thing as we get closer to our goals – we simply slow down!

Baffling, isn’t it?

So why let up, when you can be finishing strong?

Don’t forget to “run through!”

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