Prepare for Takeoff

Partial Las Vegas Skyline

Las Vegas?  You betcha.  If you look closely in the featured image, you’ll see the strip in the background.

Right now though, we need to make due with a little more Skype, and a lot less handshakes for the time being.  Lots of hand washing, and even more hand sanitizer.

But when we’re past this time – which will pass if we all do the right things, we need to make plans to put the service economy back into overdrive again.

I spoke with a lot of people this week that will be affected by the cornavirus, and there will be a lot of furloughs and layoffs in the service economy.

It’s up to us, so make your plans now for when the health emergency passes – and hit the road again, to help bring people in the airlines and service economy back to work!

I’ll plan for a long weekend to Las Vegas, with a trip to Zion National Park and Red Rock Canyon.

Where will you go?  Plan now – and go later!


Utah on the way to Zion National Park

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