Together We’ll Win

With another work week right around the corner, I can’t help focusing my thoughts and prayers on us all – we’re all touched by current conditions, in one way or another.

We’re all wrapped up in a health crisis, as well as an economic crisis – one crisis created by the other.

And while we’re separated by distance, never before in recent memory have we been more bound by solidarity.

As human beings, we’ll prevail – we’re both hearty and compassionate during the times that we’re most tested.

I refuse to dwell on this obviously negative time, because it just isn’t helpful.

We’ll prevail across national borders, economic classes, and other divisions that may divide us in regular times.

This is my own list of things I’ll be doing in the coming weeks to emerge better off than a few weeks ago, when things seemed to transform from global headlines from far away, into our daily personal lives.

Keep the Pedal to the Metal

During times such as these, it’s critical to keep up the intensity we have at work.  Even if we’re not accustomed to working from home, everything we do counts in regard to bringing in business to our companies – and keeping as many people employed as possible.  Never before have I had more intensity than I’ve had these past few weeks, working from home.

Express Gratitude

It’s one thing to be grateful for those on the front lines, but another thing to actually express it.  All around us, it’s just another day for healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store employees, gas station attendants – each with infection concerns in the back of their minds. I’ve been making it a practice to thank everyone who is there to make sure I’m able to get groceries, or other services during this abnormal time.

Practice Social Distancing, but not Social Isolation

I haven’t been very good at this one for the past few weeks, but plan to do better.  Social distancing means distancing – not isolation.  I need to do a better job of returning personal calls, etc.  I’ve been very determined to follow the first item on my list – driving business, getting press coverage, etc.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stay inside like a prisoner – get outside and take in the healing powers of nature whenever you can.  I definitely don’t regret my trip to the Great Smokys last week – it was good for my soul.

Smoky Mountains in March

Unfortunately, the Smokys are closed until the first part of April, but there are plenty of other parks that can be enjoyed with sensible social distancing.

Improve on Something Important to You

I love photography, but I’m too quick to get outside to take more photos, instead of taking extra time to learn about my camera settings – I’ll be studying camera settings a little more.  I’ll also spend time working on my website and other self-development tasks that I seem to keep putting off.

Hiking at Sweetwater Creek Park

I could easily spend more time putting together my list, but would really rather act with more intention on the things contained on a shorter list.

This is the time to be there for each other, because it does make a difference to put in the effort – and we will be stronger for it somehow.

COVID-19 and its economic consequences crosses us all – across all boundaries.

No question, we will win together.

Together we will win.

Leaving difficult times down the road.

What are some of the things you would include in your personal list for the near future?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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