Be Thankful!

There are times when it is very easy to identify the things we are thankful for, in times of abundance and when the living is easy.

Although we are thankful during these times, we may not be as truly appreciative as we could be.

Then there are the times when the struggles seem more abundant than our blessings. The daily grind hinders us from stepping back, and taking stock.

Many of us have experienced just such a year.

There are so many who have multiple part-time jobs, instead of one full-time job. Some are working a full-time job, along with a part-time job. Others have created their own jobs, and supplemented with part-time income.

Regardless of the direction and spirit your life seems to have taken in 2012 – Be Thankful!

Be Thankful!It is often during these times of struggle that we learn of what we are truly made. It is also during these times that we affirm our faith.

If you have had to take on a lot more for substantially less, be thankful that you had the fortitude and discernment to keep going.

Should you have had the opportunity to reinvent yourself, be thankful that you had the wisdom to see the need, as well as the inner strength to proceed.

It is during these times that we sweat a little more, feel the strain a little more, reinvent a little more, think outside the box a little more, to achieve some success – even if it is less than we had planned.

We have so much for which to be thankful.

If you have gotten up one more time than you have been knocked down – Be Thankful!

On this Thanksgiving Day I will reflect on years past – including the feelings that must have gone through the minds of the participants in the very first Thanksgiving feast – in a land so far from home.

More importantly, I will reflect on the present with a strong sense of gratitude knowing that these less than perfect times are preparing us for a stronger future.

My family (wife and children) are stronger than ever before. Our friends mean the world to us – many closer to us than even family. My faith is strong. My business will continue to grow.

I am thankful!

I always appreciate the Thanksgiving holiday, since it provides an opportunity to suspend time for a day, in the name of thankfulness. We spend the day enjoying time with family, friends, football games, and anticipation of the coming holidays.

Thanksgiving causes me to pause – for that, I am thankful.

So if you find yourself feeling a bit tired, but filled with hope – Be Thankful!

If you are a little out of your comfort zone, yet within sight of brighter days – Be Thankful!

If you have gotten up even just one more time than you have been knocked down – Be Thankful!

Enjoy this Thanksgiving Day, reflecting on your faith, and looking back on the people and events you are truly thankful for – using these thoughts as fuel, and motivation to press onward!

May you and your family enjoy a safe and happy Thanksgiving, wrapped in a sense of gratitude.

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