Prepare for the Journey

Cold winds have arrived across Georgia, reminding me that we that Winter is here – and that another season will come.

We’re nearing the end of 2012 – looking forward to a new year, filled with new opportunities.

Many will say goodbye to 2012 with a sense of “good riddance!” Maybe it was challenging year in regard to family relationships, health challenges, or economic uncertainty.

Many will look to a new year, with a sense of anticipation and a long list of resolutions.

I’ve never believed in making resolutions, deciding instead to focus on resolve.

Resolutions so often lead to disappointment, while resolve puts the focus on strength.

Journey in FaithWith just a short time left before we enter into a new year, I believe this is the time to grab a helmet and fasten the seatbelts.

A new journey is ready to begin!

There will be negative people standing along the route, as you travel through 2013. There will be many positive people in your corner too – draw strength from their friendship and prepare for takeoff.

The ride will be a bumpy one, as all exciting rides are. Be prepared for it and draw strength in the bruises. When we challenge ourselves properly, bruises and pain will follow.

No pain, no gain – that is just how it is.

More importantly, embrace the headwinds.

While they may look like insurmountable mountains at first, stay in faith so that your test becomes a testimony.

I’ve been reminded about the headwinds quite a bit lately, as I look back over the past few years.

As I continue to look back, I see testimony where a test once stood.

I hope that 2013 will become a year of testimony for each of us, with accomplishments “checked off,” and an abundance of friends – many of whom we have not met yet.

May the headwinds prove strong enough to send us into flight, and may we be wise enough to let the wind’s strength give us strength, in return.

May we be faithful enough to know that the strength of the winds can be bumpy, leading us to places we did not plan on going – but putting us in the places where we need to be.

May 2013 be your very best year yet, filled not only with the strength of the winds – but also the excitement of each destination along the journey.

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