The True Value of a Connection

Each week it never fails that I’m followed by at least a couple of Twitter accounts promising to increase my Twitter followers, for a fee. Lately, I have also received similar follows from those promising to increase Google+ followers, and YouTube views.

It seems that in the age of greater engagement, there are those who don’t really have a clue of what true engagement really means.

I’m sure that some people take these service providers up on their offering – even the account that promises thousands of Twitter followers for the LOW LOW cost of $219, yet the account only has 819 followers.

So what does it really cost to purchase connections?Social Media Engagement

The true cost is falling into a way of thinking that totally dismisses what social media is all about.

Social media has very little to do with headcount (if understood properly), and everything to do with engagement.

The number of followers comes with time – that is, time spent.

Purchasing social media connections for either you, or your business, will put you in a place that is very far from personal engagement.

Your prospects, clients, and friends not only hope for engagement.

They expect it.

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