Wasted Efforts on a Bridge


On most nights that I take my daughter to her ballet class, I typically pass by several protesters standing on the interstate bridge with a variety of signs, as well as several American flags flying proudly.

Many of them hold up signs saying things such as, “Impeach Obama.” And of course, cars are encouraged to “honk” their support.

Small Town FlagI don’t want to veer off into wasted political diatribes on this post, but must admit that I did honk a few times in the beginning.
But I have stopped honking, so as not to encourage their efforts.

Frankly, I am not pleased in the way that the Executive Branch has reached clearly around the Legislative Branch on so many issues – in ways that are dangerous and foolish.

And to be honest, I believe that America would have rebounded much more quickly with another President in office – not to mention different people in the House and Senate.


But my blog post is not about President Obama.

I truly wish that those protesters on the bridge would put their time to better use. Let’s face it – our President cannot be impeached for being seen as incompetent by a percentage of its citizens.

The problem with the people on the bridge is that their focus is on the wrong place – too much emphasis on the squabbles and ineptitude in Washington.

Growth in the American economy typically gets its spark from small and mid-sized businesses.

And as of today, our economy is still in need of a larger spark.

Main Street is not yet caught up to Wall Street. How can Main Street do that when some of its people are wasting their time on a bridge?

What we truly need is a few more letters to Washington, and many more hours spent learning new skills, and perfecting those skills that create businesses and provide for families. By creating jobs, and increasing skill sets, we are all better off for it in the end.

With a few less “feel good exercises,” and a lot more meaningful exercises that grow the economy, one community at a time.

America, we still have plenty of work yet to do.

Let’s get off the bridge, and into the game!

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