With such little time spent talking about actual issues during this presidential race, it’s almost certain that neither of the candidates could possibly claim a mandate victory.

I’m fine with that.


While I’m less than impressed with both candidates, I remain impressed with the resiliency Americans have shown over time.

Let’s face it, we’ve had some really bad Presidents throughout history.

It’s difficult to find an objective list of the worst US presidents online.   The same names always do seem to pop up, however:

Warren G. Harding

Richard Nixon

Lyndon B. Johnson

Ulysses S. Grant

Franklin Pierce

Jimmy Carter

Woodrow Wilson

James Buchanan

I’m sure there are others we could add to the list.

The passing of time seems to be a little kinder to some presidents  – time will only tell with others.

My point is that somehow, the country always seems to endure.

People seem to move ahead.  Advancements are made.  Good things always seem to outweigh the bad, in the eyes of those willing to look for them.

I’ve heard some say that this is a pivotal election, where “all seems to be on the line.”

We’ve heard it all before, and yet as Americans we endure.

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