The Weight of Uncalibrated Scales

Old scales from aerial perspective

For many, one day after a very contentious election, it feels as if the scales of fairness and justice have been placed back in the box, left uncalibrated and again forgotten.

I say for many, because the vote was nearly split evenly on a night when the pundits and pollsters projected an easy win for Clinton.

Disappointment was in the forecast for me, since I couldn’t stand the thought of voting for either candidate.  For the very first time, I cast a vote for the Libertarian.

This morning I reminded my kids that our country consists of much more than the current White House occupant.  Maybe the reminder was for myself, as much as it was for them.

Facebook was filled with stories today of friends losing friends, along with respect for others.  When did we make a conscious decision to make others seem so expendable based on their beliefs?

Well, maybe it goes a little than beliefs in some cases.  In a few cases, it seems as if the acidic feel of posts went up tenfold on the pH scale.

And then there were the expressions I saw in the office today, as people described their concerns of what is to come.

I understand the concerns, as I’ve had them for a while – regardless of which candidate won.  I do take comfort in the fact that Americans have overcome much more than just an unqualified president.

What seems to bother me most during this time is that so many people feel as if fairness and justice are not in their favor, and rightfully so – we’re quick to judge and prone to classify.

We’ve been slow to understand, and too busy to reach out.

Given the extremely slow recovery, snail like growth in wages, increase in insurance costs, lower than average labor participation rate, and lightning quick tendency to accept inappropriate comments and behavior as the norm, it’s no wonder that so many feel as if the scales of justice have been put away.

I came across so many people who were downright upset today, some with tears in their eyes.

The pain today was real for so many.

I wish that I had more to offer other than to say, “This too shall pass.”

The advice I shared with my son this morning was a little different – “As long as we’re still frustrated by the words of someone like Trump, there is evidence and hope that we’ve not lost our moral compass.”

More importantly, I felt like today was a day to listen – truly listen to the concerns of others who feel as if they may not have been listened to for a very long time.

We’ve become too busy to listen, worrying about our own issues and absorbing opinions disguised as news.

Maybe this is really the time to pull ourselves out of the frustration we may be feeling from the election – and to lift a few others up with us.

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