Obstacles and Paths

Too many times we think obstacles are in our way, when in reality they’re guiding us to where we’re going to be happy and fulfilled  – and on the actual paths we need to take to get there.

Sometimes the obstacles produce the right path.Physical boundaries, missteps, miscues, mental roadblocks, disappointments, doubts and fears all give us the challenges that make us stronger, better, and whole.  We don’t always see or appreciate the obstacles though – until later on along life’s path.  Sometimes days, other times months or years.

Just as the physical boundary of a dam can add variety to the journey of a seven mile hike, setbacks only add to our journey – providing the right scenery, and meaning along the way.

“It’s our challenges and obstacles that give us layers of depth and make us interesting. Are they fun when they happen? No. But they are what make us unique. And that’s what I know for sure… I think.” –  Ellen DeGeneres

I can think of specific times in my life when obstacles and disappointments crowded my thoughts, or seemed be “the end of the world.”  But as I look back, I’m thankful that things didn’t work out as I hoped at the time.

Without the obstacles, I wouldn’t have pushed myself harder to succeed.  Wouldn’t have met some of the people in my life that have the most meaning.  Wouldn’t have exposed myself to new ideas or situations.  Wouldn’t be the person I am right now – pointed in the direction where I need to be.

My life just wouldn’t be the same – or as good, without the obstacles.  New paths wouldn’t have been created.

Rarely am I appreciative of life’s obstacles when they’re encounter  – I’m rarely patient enough, and just forgetful enough to remember how important those moments really are.

But without life’s obstacles I would lack strength, persistence, perspective, gratitude, and love.

Life is about the destination, as well as journey.  It’s the obstacles along life’s journey that bring us meaning.

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  1. shikaardeta says:

    Great post! I think that our obstacles whether physical or mental help us to appreciate where we get in life more.

    1. Jeff Wolfe says:

      Thank you! I definitely agree! It’s been that way for me.

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