Be Part of the Statistic!

Economic GrowthWhen I served as Vice President of Marketing, at a previous company, I made it a point to travel with our territory managers at least one day each week.

As economic conditions worsened and morale decreased, I would always make it a point to say to our customers, “While I am not sure when the economy will improve, I do know that we are one day closer to recovery than we were yesterday.”

Just as I listened closely to customer and prospects then, I continue to listen to customers and prospects today.

Each month, we’re exposed to a variety of economic data, including Advance Monthly Retail Sales, Advance Report on Durable Goods, Construction Spending, Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales, New Home Sales, Wholesale Trade and Consumer Confidence, to name a few – espousing views of our “recovery.”

For those who aren’t so much into statistics, the Federal Reserve provides a narrative format called the Beige Book. Recent trends are provided in a more anecdotal format, by Federal Reserve District and in a more “user friendly” manner.

All of this information is useful in measuring the recent past and speculating on the future.

It’s important to remember when the reports come out, they are measuring what has already occurred, and thus future positive economic results will be based upon activity taking place today – right now.

If you’re out there listening like I am, you may be hearing positive stories from your customers and prospects. I have been hearing optimism in the voices in some clients and prospects. I have been hearing about the dreams of many that are close to fruition.

This is the activity that will show up in future reports.

I believe that based on what I am hearing, the winds of change, while just a wisp of air at times, are truly blowing. Granted, industries will recover at different rates and some will require a total transformation in order to thrive.

While I’m not a big fan of being “just part of a statistic,” I believe that now is the time for many to become a part of the upcoming economic statistics!

As we look forward with a sense of optimism and a stronger personal economy, our efforts will become a part of the new statistic.

Why wait for tomorrow’s data to arrive?  Why not make today’s efforts part of tomorrow’s positive economic results?

As I mentioned earlier, “We are a day closer to the recovery.”

Here’s to the role you and I will play!

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