The Time is…..Right Now!

HourglassDaylight Savings Time. The morning after we set the clocks ahead one hour is always a challenge for me. Many of us will wonder during the next week why we are hungry or not hungry, why we are tired or not tired and why things sometimes feel a little out of sorts.

It’s during this time that I always take a closer look at the concept of time. Did we really lose the hour of sleep, or gain the hour of daylight? What is the value of the hours we gain or lose throughout the year?

We always have 168 hours to live our lives each week. Some of this time will be spent sleeping. Some of the time will be spent furthering our goals and some of the time will be spent enjoying the special moments in life.

The reality in life is that the time is always….right now!

The time is right now when it comes to spending time in quiet reflection, providing security to those we love, absorbing greater knowledge to further our goals and bringing value to customers.

The time is right now when it comes to putting plans into action and then implementing them.

The time is right now when it comes to living in the moment and building for the future.

Perhaps the time is right to determine which things are not bringing value to our lives, serving only to cut into our allotted time of 168 hours each week.

Let those things be cast aside, or minimized in our lives, so that we can get the things done that bring value and substance.

May our hours be filled with value and substance in such a way that the clock does not serve as either an obstacle or a crutch.

The clock is ticking and the time is right now!

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  1. Todd Schnick says:

    every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. | vanilla sky

  2. Jeff Wolfe says:

    Excellent quote Todd. Thanks for stopping by.

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